Get into the business of real estate investing- Start Generating Additional or Passive Income - (Grand Rapids)

Posted on: 01/02/18


Do you always dream of investing in real estate? Well we are here to show you how to get it done the right way and the smart way. We don't work hard, we work smart, and we are giving you the opportunity to do the same. Get paid either by sharing this opportunity with others as an independent marketer or by learning how to invest in real estate yourself. There is also the opportunity to create multiple streams of income by doing both. Do you want to learn the right way to consistently profit (approximately 5K-50k+) on every real estate transaction, whether it's COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL Real Estate, then this is the way to go. In the big picture, we are a national network of Real Estate Investors. We have the privilege of having top successful real estate investors share their experiences and teach us what we need to know. We have 30 offices across the country, including NYC, Chicago, NC, CA and Hawaii). We are true to our core beliefs, and we will always be here to watch you grow. Our job is to create successful real estate investors. We have trained everyone from nurses, doctors, lawyers, mortgage professionals, realtors, teachers, people from all walks of life, so don’t think real estate investing is out of your reach. If interested, you must go through a three step qualification process. To weed out the spammers and to register please reply with the following information: Full Name: Email: Phone: After your information is received, someone will contact you to schedule a brief phone interview. Depending on the call, in may lead to an exclusive invitation to participate in step one of the process. Invitations are limited so you need to respond as soon as possible.

Ad Number: 21226973